We Follow state law

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Some common sense requirements to follow during the 2020 Trout Season at the Souderton Harleysville Game Fish and Forestry Association Inc.


This list does not supersede the CDC recommendations:


Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status THERE WILL NOT BE A FISH CLEANING AREA UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Take your fish home to clean.


If you feel sick, stay home.


If your children are sick, keep them at home.


If someone in your household has tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), keep the entire household at home.


Avoid shaking hands, handling other member’s rods, nets or equipment.


Practice social distancing, Keep 6 feet apart.


Consider arriving later in the day as opposed to waiting for the opening at 8 am.


Practice good hygiene.


Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.


Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible. Use sanitizer.


Avoid touching your face.


Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.


If using the Portable toilets keep them clean. Sanitizer is provided by the toilet supplier.

Fishing Parking map

The Fly Fisher’s Code of Ethics
1). Obey all laws and regulations, and report violations.
2). Release fish carefully and quickly.
3). Be considerate of private and public property.
4). Set a good example for and help others who are not as experienced 
as you are.
5). Rotate the pool and /or positions, so others may have an opportunity to fish, especially during a hatch. 
6). Respect the area in which someone is fishing. Do not intrude or crowd other anglers.
7). Assist another angler who has hooked a fish, including reeling in your line if appropriate.
8). Keep our waters and surrounding property free from trash and litter.
9). Wade carefully and do not disturb water unnecessarily. 
10). Treat others as you would want them to treat you.
This applies to all types of fishing, not just fly fishing.

Indoor .22 Bullseye Pistol Shooting League

Indoor Bullseye will begin the first Wed. in Nov, start time is 7:00 pm till 10:00. 


This is open to all shooters, but non members must pay $75 for the season and sign a release. 


Standard .22 ammo only.  

Outdoor Pistol Starting in April


Wednesday night outdoor shoots will continue through October

Rifle Range

There is a new sign-in station and 24 hour cameras due to recent abuse and destruction of the range.

We had an incident on the range of someone handling a firearm while people were down range.  This is unacceptable.  No firearms are to be handled while anyone is down range, period.

The 200 yard pit is for authorized use only and NOT for general use by the membership.

Small Bore Rifle

See Newsletter



- Eye and Ear protection Required

- Kids wanted for Trap Scorers

- All non members participating in shooting events at our club will be required to sign an accident liability release form before entering these events: By order of the Board of directors.

Winter 2020 trap series info <click here>

One additional winter league date 10/4/2020 has been added to the schedule








- Please call Henry for more information at 215.313.7265.   

General Membership Meeting

Meetings will be posted in news letter.


Directors Meeting

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm  Fisherman's cabin.  


All Ranges 
ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED Saturday 11/28/2020 and Sunday 11/29/2020 for Buck Season.                
All ranges will be opening June 01. You must wear a mask and keep non-family members 6 feet apart. It is suggested you bring you own targets and trash them when you are done with them. It is also suggested that you bring hand sanitizer and use it. Please stay safe.

Rifle Range


Rifle range will be open to members on June 1st. No organized shoots will be held at this time. All members must follow the additional rules below. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Remain 6ft apart at all times. 


Mask must be worn. 


Do not move benches.  They will be spaced a safe distance apart. 


Bring your own targets. The club won't be providing them. Targets should be at least 14x14 inches if not bring cardboard backing. 


Bring pen or pencil to sign in.


Bring your own staple gun or tacks to hang targets.


If the range is crowded  keep shooting time to 30 minutes. 


These additional rules must be followed along with the standard range rules. Failure to follow them will result in loss of membership. Be safe.

As a reminder to all members, the minimum age for unsupervised shooters is 18 years of age. This applies to rifles, shotguns, handguns and archery. Anyone under the age of 18 participating in any of these actions must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  
Venison Donation opportunity
Club members can help their neighbors in need by donating extra venison to Keystone Opportunity Center’s Food Pantry in Souderton.  Processed venison, especially ground meat, can be donated by calling Cindy Dembroski, the food pantry coordinator, at 215-723-5430.  For additional information please contact club member Randy Floyd at 215-416-1679.
NOTICE - New Additional Club fishing rules
   To all Club members:   During the past two trout fishing seasons, we have found a number of dead trout in our stream and ponds. For this reason, we will be adding a few new Club rules, they are as follows;   1. Recommendation to use barbless hooks or pinch the existing barbs down.
2. Anyone using live bait or power bait must keep the fish they catch; no catch and release allowed.
3. If you plan to catch and release, barbless hooks are required and/ or pinch the existing barbs down. Barbs must also be pinched on all flies if you plan to release. Please use common sense and care when catch and releasing.
4. Recommendation to move after five (5) catch and release in same area to allow for other members to fish a hot spot.
5. The maximum number of trout permitted on one stringer is five (5).
6. Our Club follows all state fishing and creel limits.
7. Please police our fish cleaning station. Remember, it is a privilege to have available and we must keep it clean, or it will be removed.
8. Kid’s day is exactly what it says; FOR KIDS ONLY. No adults fishing; they may assist in casting but that is all; child must reel in fish. Adults with no children near-by and a line in the water will be asked to leave promptly.


Reminder...the club follows all the state rules for must display your fishing license and club membership card. No more than five (5) trout per person per day and ONLY five trout allowed on a stringer. This changes to 3 trout depending on the date.  Please be calm, safe and friendly to fellow club members. Please do not litter. Thank you and good luck!



Attention all members of the club. We must start following the club rules for our clubs protection and to avoid problems. ALL members are required to have their membership cards exposed so all members can identify them as fellow members. If you see anyone that does not have their membership card clearly visible, ask them for it. If they do not have a fishing license clearly visible.. ask them for it. If you see someone not obeying the rules of the club please say something to them and report it to the directors, if possible get their license number, make, model, and color of their car.  That means if someone is throwing rocks on the ice, not picking up after their dogs, leaving trash on the grounds, feeding the trout in the tanks (especially if it is corn) mishandling a firearm or handling a firearm when someone is down range, fishing without a license, taking more fish than allowed, etc. SAY SOMETHING and REPORT IT TO A DIRECTOR. This is your club and you must try to protect it. If you have questions ASK. If you see something that should be changed make a point of asking about it a membership meeting which are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month OR through a director.
- The  Board of Directors



​​PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE FISH in the holding tanks...they are on a controlled diet to keep them healthy and to promote their growth.


Medical Marijuana and Guns
click here to learn more

Please note that the clubs email address has recently changed to please update your records.

Important Information

  • A Florescent orange hat or vest is mandatory on the rifle range and while hunting. Not to supersede Pennsylvania Game Commission laws. Recommended, but not mandatory for all others. All Pennsylvania Game Commission laws apply.

  • Firewood Available for next year - $175 per Chord

  • If you walk your dog on Club grounds, it is your responsibility to pick up after the dog.

  • Every member is required to have their membership badge and a valid picture ID in their possession at all times while on Club property.




It is requested that anyone who legally catches bass over 12 inches please consider keeping them. Once these fish get to be that big or bigger they tend to consume a lot of other fish and food that is needed for the trout.



Please take note of new rule posting on rifle committee page


Outdoor Rifle and Pistol Range Hours

Monday - Saturday - 7:00 AM - Dusk

Sunday   -  9:00 AM - Dusk

The only exceptions are league shoots which must end by 10:00 pm


  • Click Here for more information on House Bill 1029

*IMPORTANT-Calling 911 for Emergencies on Club Property 
There are nine 911 Emergency Signs (see below) that have GPS Coordinates listed for that specific location. Follow the directions listed on the sign for the most accurate information. Request Grand View Ambulance service if possible since they are the closest.


The 911 signs are located at the Pistol and Rifle Ranges, Trap Range Clubhouse on Gun Club Road, the Large Pond and between the Large Pond and the Kids Pond, Fisherman’s Cabin on Schultz Road. If you do not have a cell phone there is a phone for emergency calls only located in the screened deck area of the Fisherman’s Cabin by the bridge.