Fishing Committee

Dave Haywood


For those that are interested...this is where we get most of trout from....


PLEASE do not feed the fish in the holding tanks...they are on a controlled diet to keep them healthy and to promote their growth. 

To fish on club property, you must have in your possession the following:

1.Current Club membership badge

2.Current PA fishing license with trout stamp

3. A valid photo ID

Anyone caught attempting to bring in a non-member to fish will immediately lose their membership in the Club. No Exceptions.



Please practice social distancing per this link:

NOTICE - New Additional Club fishing rules

  During past trout fishing seasons, we have found a number of dead trout in our stream and ponds. For this reason, we will be adding a few new Club rules as follows:   
1. Recommendation to use barbless hooks or pinch the existing barbs down. 
2. Anyone using live bait or power bait must keep the fish they catch; no catch and release allowed. 
3. If you plan to catch and release, barbless hooks are required and/ or pinch the existing barbs down. Barbs must also be pinched on all flies if you plan to release. Please use common sense and care when catch and releasing. 
4. Recommendation to move after five (5) catch and release in same area to allow for other members to fish a hot spot. 
5. The maximum number of trout permitted on one stringer is five (5). 
6. Our Club follows all state fishing and creel limits. 
7. Please police our fish cleaning station. Remember, it is a privilege to have available and we must keep it clean, or it will be removed. 
8. Kid’s day is exactly what it says, FOR KIDS ONLY. No adults fishing. Adults may assist in casting, but that is all; child must reel in fish. Adults with no children near-by and a line in the water will be asked to leave promptly.
The Fly Fisher’s Code of Ethics  
1). Obey all laws and regulations, and report violations.
2). Release fish carefully and quickly.
3). Be considerate of private and public property.
4). Set a good example for and help others who are not as experienced as you are.
5). Rotate the pool and /or positions, so others may have an opportunity to fish, especially during a hatch. 
6). Respect the area in which someone is fishing. Do not intrude or crowd other anglers.
7). Assist another angler who has hooked a fish, including reeling in your line if appropriate.
8). Keep our waters and surrounding property free from trash and litter.
9). Wade carefully and do not disturb water unnecessarily.                                                     
10). Treat others as you would want them to treat you.   This applies to all types of fishing, not just fly fishing.
Reminder...the Club follows all the state rules for must display your fishing license and Club membership card. No more than five (5) trout per person per day and ONLY five (5) trout allowed on a stringer. This changes to three (3) trout depending on the date.  Please be calm, safe and friendly to fellow Club members. Please do not litter. Thank you and good luck!