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Game Committee

Kevin O'Driscoll


Waterfowl hunting is prohibited on Club grounds. The Club property lines have been posted to reflect recent land acquisitions, in addition there are two large up to date maps in the Fisherman’s cabin which show our property boundaries. Please respect neighboring land owners property lines and safety zones. 
In addition to PA Game regulations, the following rules apply when hunting on Club grounds: 
  • No single projectiles while hunting with firearms on Club grounds, hunting is limited to shotguns and archery equipment. 
  • Hunters must wear a fluorescent orange hat for all hunting on Club grounds; this is in addition to any fluorescent orange required by PA game laws. 
  • Tree stands and ground blinds may not be left on Club property, and must be carried in and out each day. 
Hunters using tree stands are required to wear a full body harness while on Club property. 
Safety Zone violations will not be tolerated and you are responsible for your actions on Club grounds. Please hunt safely, and respect safety zones while on Club property. A Florescent orange hat or vest is mandatory while hunting. 


Hunters are advised violating PA state game regulations or Club hunting rules will result in loss of Club membership.

Below is a map of the Club's property:

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