Pistol Committee

Neil Johnson




All ranges are under 24 hour camera surveillance. 

Indoor bulls-eye

November to April, we move to indoor .22 bullseye shooting, which will be held on Wednesday nights from 7pm - 9pm.  You must use standard velocity ammo. Members and non-members are welcome to participate. Non-members must sign a release and pay a fee. See anyone on the Pistol Committee for details or stop by on a Wednesday evening to watch and get the necessary information.


Outdoor pistol league


The league will follow the following schedule for:

7:00pm Hammer down, we must stop shooting by 10:10pm. Please arrive early to help set up the course of fire.

1st Wednesday of the month - Center Fire Pistol

2nd Wednesday of the month - .22lr pistol AND .22lr rifle

3rd Wednesday of the month - Center Fire Pistol

4th Wednesday of the month - Tactical shotgun (#7 1/2, #8, or #9 shot required, no slugs)

If we are lucky enough to have a 5th Wednesday in a month, we will do something special (bowling pins, 3 Gun, head to head, or other).

A few reminders:

  • Please be aware of posted signs and instructions on using the range. They are posted for your safety. If you do not know what a squib is, please look it up or ask someone. A squib can happen with any caliber, including .22. Always keep you gun pointed down range and remember that ALL guns should be considered loaded at ALL times.

  • Please clean up your brass and put it in the brass baskets. Any live ammo including misfires should be put in the orange bucket. Also clean up your trash.

  • Please return the target stands to where they are stored and PULL your stables from the up rights.


Remember, always safety first, have fun and enjoy the range. 


Please, if you use the outdoor pistol ranges be courteous. This means:

  • Pull your staples from the wooden target stands

  • Pick-up your brass and put in the hanging buckets

  • Pick-up your trash

  • Put stands and uprights back where they belong

  • Put things back where you found them

  • Put misfires in the proper bucket.


**Outdoor Pistol range hours - Monday - Saturday - 7:00 AM until DUSK

                                                  - Sunday  - 9:00 AM - until DUSK

                                                    The only exception afis league shoots which must end by 10:00 pm

:00 pmy exceptions are league shoots which must end by 10:00


Questions or concerns?

Please contact Neil E. Johnson at a2quest4@msn.com


If you use the outdoor ranges, please remember safety first and consideration of others. Do not go down range to shoot at the static steel; engage the steel from the shooting bench only.

As a reminder to all members, the minimum age for unsupervised shooters is 18 years of age. This applies to rifles, shotguns, handguns and archery. Anyone under the age of 18 participating in any of these actions must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Always remember to bring eyes and ears (safety glasses and ear plugs). Stay safe and have fun.