Property and Grounds

Butch King

Parking for the Physically Disabled

 These spaces are for physically disabled members only who display the required license plates and/or placards. Anyone who parks in the handicapped spaces without the required license plate and/or placard will be subject to being ticketed and towed. 


Fishing access for the Physically Disabled

Anyone requiring a ride to a location on the property during the first two weekends of the trout season (April 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th) should come to the handicapped parking area at the Fisherman’s Cabin. We will provide you with a ride from 5:00a to 8:00a. You will be required to find your own way back to the parking area. On the third weekend of Trout season, which is Kid’s Day April 18th, we will provide you with a ride to the lower three ponds.


Indoor Facilities for Physically Disabled Shooters - Old Club House

During the Indoor Pistol  & Trap League events the indoor facilities will be open to those shooters who are physically disabled.


Club Parking Lot Map

Please find a link here to a diagram of the Club parking lot. On March 30th, 31st and April 6th and 7th, no Club personnel will be directing you where to park. It is the responsibility of each member to park their vehicle in one of the lined spaces. Aside from the main parking lot, there will also be  parking at the rifle and trap ranges. Please be considerate and follow the diagram closely  so that the maximum number of vehicles can be parked. Thank you for your cooperation.        


********* Calling 911 for Emergencies on Club Property *********

There are nine 911 Emergency Signs that have GPS Coordinates listed for that specific location. Follow the directions listed on the sign for the most accurate information. Request Grand View Ambulance service if possible since they are the closest.


The 911 signs are located at the Pistol and Rifle Ranges, Trap Range Clubhouse on Gun Club Road, the Large Pond and between the Large Pond and the Kids Pond, Fisherman’s Cabin on Schultz Road. 


********* Notice to All Club Members *********

It is the responsibility of every Club member to keep the Club’s grounds and waterways clean. Please place trash, including used fishing line, in the trash cans located throughout the property. Improper disposal of used fishing line on land or waterways harms fish, birds, wildlife, and damages Club’s equipment. It is the  responsibility of any member who brings their dog to the Club to pick up after the dog. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. 


Thank you.